Young people in ringing

Young people in ringing

Join hundreds of young ringers up and down the country. It's fun, challenging, active and has the opportunity to visit loads of new places with lots of new people.

Most bell ringers learn as young people, and many have continued their whole life. In most bell towers you can learn to ring from age 11, as it is much more about technique than strength.

Once you can ring the basics, there are local young ringers groups to join which have social trips and events to meet friends and have fun.

Find local ringers

Find local ringers and have a go

There are over 4,000 sets of bells in England alone and lots of young ringers nationwide. Find your nearest bell ringers and have a go!

A young person learning to ring

Information for parents

Bell ringing can be an enjoyable and enriching hobby for young people. They are also fast learners and can progress to being some of the best bell ringers.

Bells can be dangerous instruments, however accidents are rare as careful tuition minimises the risks. Tutors who are accredited under the Integrated Teacher Training Scheme will have attended a one-day seminar and followed a supervised teaching programme before becoming members of the Association of Ringing Teachers. However the Scheme is still very much in its early stages and hasn't yet embraced the majority of practising teachers.

Bell ringers have comprehensive and well established systems for child protection. Individual church authorities set policies for each church, but the national guidance is widely adhered to.

We hope you will support your child in learning to ring. You are strongly encouraged to attend a teaching session to meet the other ringers and experience bell ringing for yourself.