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Some tips and advice for bell ringing tutors on how to teach bell handling.

Added by Rob Parker • Author: Peter Wenham
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Learning & Teaching

An examination of progress for a learner and how to improve a band all learning together, including advice and tips.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Philip Abbey
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Why do we go home thinking ‘that was a good practice’ sometimes but not others? This article looks at how to every practice successful within the constraints of ringing.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Phil Gay
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Three well illustrated methods to tie a bell for teaching learners.

Added by James Jones • Author: Frank Lewis
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Often beneficial for ringing to informing local residents about ringing times. A sample guide to ringing times and duration for distribution or display to members of the public.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Rob Parker
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Devon Short Peal

Method utilising Queens to improve evenness and control by listening and ringing to a rhythm.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Michael Uphill
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If using Kaleidoscope with learners try these basic and more advanced work to add more variety, including long places and treble bobbing.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Pip Penney (CCCBR)
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Have a go at Kaleidoscope and Mexican Wave at practice to add some fun and also improve bell control and skills.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Pip Penney & Gordon Lucas (CCCBR)
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A list of handling faults tutors can check their learners are avoiding, covers all aspects of bell handling.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Suffolk Guild
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A 39-Step progression suggestion to take a learner from first handling to ringing Plain Bob Doubles.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Pip Penney (CCCBR)
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