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Short notes, including a composition, to call a touch of Plain Bob Triples

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Philip Abbey
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Crib sheet for St Clements Bob Minor, which is Plain Bob, except the whole of the front is occupied by a pair of bells dodging, so the remainder have to hunt between 3rd and 6th place. The leads are the same as Plain Bob.

Added by John Harrison • Author: John Harrison
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What issues does adding an extra 2 bells create? And how can they be solved? This looks at why problems are caused and ideas to try to fix them.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Philip Abbey
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Toolkit resource which can be used to practice on the treble, to introduce method ringing or let a learner ring at the back.

Added by Bill Thompson • Author: Pip Penney (CCCBR)
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Consolidate your Plain Hunt knowledge with this worksheet for hunting on 5 and 6 bells including practising writing it out.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Pip Penney (CCCBR)
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