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A must for every church notice board. A poster up is an essential foundation of any campaign. Simple & provides information. Add local details to the bottom.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Rob Parker
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Ringing With Others

Moving on from bell handling, how to develop skills in ringing with others including starting off, spacing and staying in the right place.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Roger Tompsett
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Short article with diagrams which looks at calls, bobs and singles and the difference with Stedman Doubles.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Peter Wenham
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Key to understanding names, notation, places, columns and lead heads in place notation.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Philip Abbey
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Set of display board posters to inform the public about bells, bell ringing and bell ringers at an open day, stand or presentation.

Added by Finder Admin • Author: Rob Parker
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