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#BellringerOfTheWeek awards 2015 #3 – A Quadruple win

Not one but 4 winners this week – 4 ringers in New Zealand who scored their first…

Marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

There was a gathering yesterday at Auschwitz to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz….

Introducing our new 50/50 CLUB

We are about to launch an exciting new prize draw scheme, and the more people that join…

26 January 2015

Today was Alcestis’ 58th birthday. Would have been.  She died a little over a week ago. Peter…

ST. GEORGE in Samford Brett will be ringing

This delightful village which takes its name from a ford crossing and a Knight in 1166 –…

Chearsley, Bucks

Tenor note no longer Ab; nominal: G+10c

Iford, E Sussex

u/r added

Johannesburg, Fourways Gdns, Gaut

Affiliation is now to South African Guild (Transvaal Soc)

Ringing related themes

Short descriptions of different aspects of ringing which may be helpful when writing an article or to…

RINGERS are beginning to sign up

The 2015 campaign has started with great enthusiasm, from Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Kent, Devon, Somerset and Lancashire.  Hurrah…

YouTube Weekly – Week 119

Off to London this week and the nice sounding little 8 at Walworth.  Unsurprisingly the heavier 15cwt…

Grand Ringing Day for the Magna Carta on June 14th #bellringing #MagnaCarta800th

This week’s Ringing World has coverage of the Grand Ringing Day for the Magna Carta celebrations on Sunday June 14th….

Minstead band making great progress

Minstead ringers have made great progress since the augmentation to six bells. Extra practices have been held…

Stoke St Milborough, Shrops

URL added

Tonge, Kent

Derelict added (treble has a broken wheel)

FirstPeal2015 — marking a special year for ringing

Notice of CCCBR 2015 Meeting

Notice of CCCBR 2015 Annual Meeting is now available online

St. Simon’s Doubles

Detailed circle of work, actions at a bob and diagrams for each bell plus notes on when…

EXETER Cathedral starts the campaign

This great building dedicated to St. Peter and serving the county of Devon has 12 tremendous bells….

Prees, Shrops

PN info amended (was alt Wed with Whitchurch)

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